New Brake Control (BC) system

On the race track you need precision control in every situation if you're going to get your lap times down. Featuring two modes, the YZF-R1M's new Brake Control (BC) system analyses data such as lean angle and slipping acceleration and instantly modulates hydraulic brake pressure to prevent wheel lock ups for a smoother and faster lap.

New Engine Brake Management (EBM) system

Control is everything when you're on the race track, and the YZF-R1M's new Engine Brake Management (EBM) system allows you to select the best engine braking force for different riding conditions. Using data from various sensors, the EBM adjusts throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to give you a choice of three engine braking modes.


Optimised Launch Control (LCS) system

By using data from a wide range of sensors, the YZF-R1M's optimised Launch Control System (LCS) gives you increased control during racing starts. For even faster launches the LCS1 mode has been modified to activate at 9000 rpm with a throttle opening of 41 degrees.

Latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres

Whether you're accelerating aggressively, braking hard or banking over at full lean angle, you need to have total confidence in your tyres. Featuring a newly developed pattern and special compound, the Bridgestone Battlax Racing Street RS11 tyres – with a 200 section rear – give you the highest levels of traction combined with outstanding feel.

998cc crossplane engine

Developed using M1 MotoGP technology, the 998cc engine features a new intake system with Bosch injectors that deliver a wider spray angle for increased efficiency. Newly designed finger-follower rocker arms and new cam lobes give improved high rpm performance – and this EU5 crossplane engine also gets a modified lubrication system for increased efficiency.


New ride-by-wire APSG throttle

The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) is activated by a new high-tech twistgrip assembly that gives enhanced rider/machine interaction. Featuring a spring, slider and gear that give a natural and progressive feel, the new ride-by-wire APSG (Accelerator Position Sensor Grip) system reduces weight and gives instant throttle response.

New M1-inspired carbon bodywork

The YZF-R1M comes with a radical new factory-bike look inspired by the Yamaha M1 MotoGP racer. The aggressive new front cowl and screen reduce the frontal area for increased performance, and the new integrated fairing flows seamlessly into the fuel tank sides to give a much tighter tuck-in position, giving an increase in aerodynamic efficiency of over 5%.

High-tech electronic control features

Every time that you ride your YZF-R1M you can be confident that its advanced electronic control technologies are working with you all the way to achieve the highest level of control. With ERS, QSS, Lift Control, Launch Control, Slide Control, Brake Control and Engine Brake Management, you're able to choose the right set up for any given situation.


Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS)

The Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) is the most sophisticated suspension system ever used on a production Yamaha. Its advanced software enables you to corner, brake and accelerate more efficiently, and its user-friendly interface allows you to make rapid suspension setting changes to suit different tracks and surface conditions.

Exclusive CCU enables wireless tuning

The YZF-R1M's exclusive Communication Control Unit (CCU) has a data logging function that allows you to record a wide range of running data, including lap times, speed, throttle position, GPS tracking, lean angle and more. It can also be used to communicate with the Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) system when viewing, downloading or changing the running modes.

6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

Equipped with an accelerometer as well as a gyro and G-force sensor that measure pitch, roll and yaw, the sophisticated 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) delivers precise running information to the ECU 125 times per second. This data enables the ECU to operate the electronic rider aids and maintain the highest levels of machine control for reduced lap times.


New Öhlins NPX anti-cavitation gas forks

For enhanced surface feedback with more consistent damping performance, the latest YZF-R1M is equipped with new Öhlins NPX gas forks. A small gas chamber in the fork axle brackets exert 0.6 Mpa of internal pressure to reduce cavitation on the rebound stroke. This enables the damping system to work more effectively, giving you accurate feel with increased control.

Engraved production number

Pride of ownership comes as standard with every YZF-R1M – after all, it's the most exclusive production Yamaha ever built! To highlight this bike's special status it therefore is fitted with a specially engraved plaque showing its unique production number.


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