New, double-cradle, tubular-steel frame.

When you find yourself in challenging off-road situations, you'll appreciate the compact dimension of the Ténéré 700's all-new rugged, double-cradle, tubular-steel frame. Its short wheelbase and slim body gives you superb agility in technical riding situations – and with 240mm of ground clearance it’s built for extreme terrain.

689cc 4-stroke CP2 engine

Riding across deserts, through mountain trails or along the highway, the Ténéré’s 689cc 2-cylinder crossplane philosophy engine gives you instant power that can respond to every situation. And with its strong, linear torque and optimised transmission, this lightweight go-anywhere adventure bike gives you total control in every riding environment.


Long-travel, upside-down forks.

Check out the race-bred front suspension, and it's clear that this lightweight adventure bike is built to take on the most hostile terrain! Equipped with flex-resistant 43mm tubes and giving 210mm of front wheel movement that gives a smooth ride, with headlight steering, these adjustable upside-down forks can handle whatever you may encounter on your adventures!

Rally-bred face, with 4-LED headlights.

Yamaha has been one of the leading names in the rally world for over 40 years – and the Ténéré 700’s aggressive new face is inspired by the latest Dakar factory race bikes. Featuring a powerful and iconic 4-LED headlight design that illuminates the darkest wilderness, this forceful and distinctive look underlines the bike’s pure rally-bred technology.

Rally-style cockpit

Every feature on the Ténéré 700 - including the rally-style cockpit, with tapered handlebars - has been thoroughly tested and evaluated, over the toughest terrain, on the prototype Ténéré 700 World Raid model. Developed using valuable input from adventure riders all over the world, the cockpit combines excellent functionality with race-bred looks.


Slim and compact body and flat seat.

For maximum agility, the Ténéré 700 has a flat seat and narrow body that make it easy to shift your weight around - whether you're sitting down or standing up on the footpegs. Its relaxed riding position ensure all-day comfort, and the slim 16-litre long-range tank gives excellent knee grip, for precise control on every type of surface.

Remotely adjustable rear shock absorber

The sophisticated rear suspension is designed to give you a smooth and stable ride in a variety of conditions on the dirt or highway – whether you’re riding solo or carrying a passenger and luggage. Offering 200mm of wheel movement, this rally-bred system features a convenient, remote adjuster, enabling you to adjust the settings while you're on the go.

Slim, long-range fuel tank.

Giving a potential range of over 350km, the beautifully styled 16-litre fuel tank gives you added peace of mind, when you're covering long distances, in remote locations. Featuring a slim rear section, this compact fuel tank ensures optimum rider ergonomics and is designed to accommodate a range of seated and standing riding positions.


21-inch/18-inch spoke wheels

Just like Yamaha's factory rally race bikes, the Ténéré 700 is equipped with a 21-inch spoke front wheel and an 18-inch spoke rear wheel that combine low weight with immense strength and excellent shock resistance. And for high levels of traction and durability on the dirt and street, these aluminium wheels are fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres.

Switchable ABS, for on-the-fly adjustment.

For outstanding braking power, together with precise control, the Ténéré 700 is equipped with dual 282mm front discs and a 245mm rear disc. When required, you can choose to temporarily disable the anti-lock braking system while riding, allowing you to take full control and deliberately lock the rear wheel on tight turns or steep descents.

Compact, rally-style insturment panel.

The Ténéré 700's compact, rally-style instrument panel is mounted prominently in the cockpit, so that you can absorb a range of information without taking your eyes off the road or trail. To meet the requirements of adventure riders, the cockpit is designed to facilitate the fitment of aftermarket navigation devices and smart phones.


Good rider protection.

The combination of a flat seat with a compact body and a narrow fuel tank gives an ergonomic and tucked riding position - and the rally-type screen, tough plastic handguards and lightweight front fairing help protect you from different weather conditions, to make the longest ride even more enjoyably and relaxing.


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